Party Information

We are sure you will have a great night at Pleasures and if you want to know more, read on….

The Party

We have a range of different spaces for you to enjoy. These include bar and dance floor,  lounge area and 14 play rooms

You will find that all play areas have bins, paper towels and anti-bacterial sprays.

It would be very much appreciated if you left areas clean when you leave them.

Please only use designated smoking areas, anyone caught breaking this rule will be asked to leave, and please use the ashtrays provided – not the floor or decking.

Food and Drink

We do not sell alcohol but we are happy for you to bring your own, which our friendly team will store and serve to you.

Please do not bring soft drinks or mixers as we sell these along with and a selection of snacks which can be purchased at the bar.

 if you are deemed to be intoxicated you will be asked to leave the venue and may be banned

Single Men

All single men are required to produce photographic ID upon entry to the house. The minimum age for men is 25. There is no exception.

Please also note that after 11pm the contribution is £70.