Etiquette & Rules

At Pleasures we want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves, which is why we have a few simple rules so everyone gets the best from their time with us.

  • No trainers, no shorts, smart jeans only – smart/casual dress please. Ladies can dress as sexily as they desire.
  • No mobile phones or cameras are allowed to be used on the premises.
  • Please only use designated smoking areas and please use the ashtrays provided – not the floor or decking.
  • Treat everyone with respect and remember to Enjoy and NOT Annoy. Please do not voice your opinions on other people. Everyone is entitled to have fun in their own way.
  • Getting hot and sticky is part of the fun, but please not with chewing gum!!
  • No sex is permitted in the jacuzzi or pool as they are places to relax. If you are caught you will be asked to leave.
  • Although the house and grounds are secluded, noise travels great distances, so please remember this when leaving the venue.
  • Be respectful and non judgemental of others fantasies!
  • Always ask before joining in with others. DO NOT assume they will say yes and they will respect you for your patience.
  • Please remember this is our house and treat it with respect.
  • No drugs are permitted on the premises! If anyone is found to be using or supplying illegal substances, they will be removed from the venue and barred. You will not be allowed back.
  • The owner reserves the rights to refuse entry to the premise.

Single Men

The best advice we can give to single men attending our mixed parties is to be friendly and engage in conversation. Please remember to ENJOY and not ANNOY. NO means NO, but YES means WOW!!!!!!!